Project – HubSpot Implementation

Sometimes you get lucky enough to have your work documented for you. My project to bring Inbound marketing to Mimio was partially captured in this case study by HubSpot. I’m so proud of the transformation we were able to achieve in the space of a year. I rallied the team and articulated a new digital strategy in January, 2012. It included a shift from offline/outbound marketing to digital/inbound marketing, as well as a new account segmentation strategy and lead scoring and nurturing plan. To facilitate the new Inbound strategy, we contracted with HubSpot in March, 2012 to help us with marketing automation. We worked on the technical integration with our websites and from March – June, and rolled out with our HubSpot-hosted blog, landing pages, and email in July, 2012.

The impact  on lead gathering was immediate, primarily due to the dramatic conversion improvements we were able to achieve through landing page customization and form testing. Our blog followers grew quickly, and we shifted from pushing out emails to our house file for every announcement, to blogging announcements in real-time then pushing one blog recap email per month. As a result, our house file became much more responsive. HubSpot’s list tools also allowed us to more easily segment our house file, build out nurturing campaigns, and trigger workflows to score and assign leads for sales. The email and SEO improvements dramatically increased web visits within the first month.

The biggest strategic shift for the department was the move from feature/benefit advertising to content marketing. The entire focus of our marketing team moved from creating ad and PR impressions to creating content to fill and nurture the lead funnel. Our monthly presentations to the executive team went from an advertising “show and tell” to a metrics-based discussion of the lead funnel. And our conversations about competitors moved from purely product-based to also looking at relative marketing sophistication, social reach, and SEO.

And of course all of this work changed the nature of the conversations between marketing and sales. I introduced the concept of creating customer “personas” to the company. We built out our personas and created a system where each piece of content was tagged to the appropriate persona and point in the lead funnel. The sales and marketing teams then had the tools they needed to connect the right content with the right customer at the right time.

When I reflect on how far we came in just a year, I am still a little dumbfounded. I can look back and say, “Wow, we really did that. I made that happen.” And that’s a great feeling.

Take a look at the video. That’s my colleague and friend Alyssa O’Mara speaking first. She is a fantastic web project manager, UI guru, blog manager, and all around wonderful person. You’ll also see me (I’m the one who says everything is HUGE…I think I must have been channeling Paris Hilton). You’ll also catch a glimpse of Melanie Fortier demonstrating MimioTeach. Melanie has become an expert at building HubSpot landing pages, workflows, and email nurture campaigns as fast as Mimio can pump out content. And of course you’ll probably recognize Mike Volpe from HubSpot, and may recognize our wonderful enterprise consultant from HubSpot, Melanie Faria. Without Mel’s guidance we would never have moved as quickly as we did.


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